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After-hours support: long nights and a home-made amplifier

The best customer support listens to customers, works to understand root causes, prevents reoccurrence, and operates as a team to continuously improve.
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The Power of One: IoT Smart Manufacturing enables mass customization

Last Sunday was a very Barry day, wanting things my way! I dropped in at Starbucks to pick up my coffee, barista-ed to my tastes. Then I went home and watched YouTube from my subscription list of content that matches my interests. Finally, I ordered a pizza online, choosing custom toppings and tracking it dynamically as “Susan” prepared my meal. The race to customization Today the trend for personal customization Read More

Augmented reality and manufacturing?? Say what?

Typically, your first encounter with virtual or augmented reality is through video games or movies. That means we tend to see them as tools for toys or entertainment. Not the Next Big Thing, and certainly not the next big thing in manufacturing. But these new tools are already making their mark in our industry. Today I’ll offer a few examples, as well as a look at what the future might Read More

Mobile vs. desktop – which will win, in the world of MES?

Everything’s going mobile … in North America, internet access from mobile devices has now surpassed desktop use. But what about your MES system? Will you go mobile, or desktop? Let’s check out the pros and cons and duke it out in a head-to-head contest. First let’s define your day-to-day use Day-by-day, your supervisors and line operators likely use your MES for two main reasons: Monitoring – are we producing as Read More