Support 24/7

Support keeps us in touch with the conditions at your plant, the concerns you have, the new opportunities you see, and some that we will see for you. We offer support in two different formats.

Traditional Support

As part of the long-term maintenance of your Factora consulting solution, you get the engineering/technical services you require: addressing problems, answering requests, incidence response. Traditional support is offered through an ad hoc, pay-as-you-go billing model.

Proactive Support

Your operations are growing? You know that the original software design or scope of your solution will change soon or often? You need a launchpad for continuous improvement? Proactive Support was designed for you.

We are your outsourced MES department

With Proactive Support, we’re embedded – your own outsourced MES department of experts. We can help you address any requirement, regardless of original scope.


Experienced Factora consultants are on call to monitor your facilities for efficient operation before incidents arise. Proactive Support starts with a comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA), outlining how we will work together and keep your facilities running smoothly and well. Proactive Support is proactive.

Online / Instant

Maintenance and support tickets are entered through an online system. Factora technicians and support staff are available to monitor your operations online, answer questions, and solve any software problems related to your application(s).

No barrier to innovation

Proactive Support takes the software barrier out of plant innovation. If you want to do something new and different on the shop floor, we’re ready to make it happen.

Motivating continuous improvement

Proactive Support is a powerful tool for continuous improvement. Your shop floor supervisors will use Proactive Support to come up with and implement process improvements. By simplifying the process, improvements are initiated often and implemented quickly.