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Increased efficiency! For manufacturers, it’s the goal, the dream, and the bugbear.

Increased efficiency! For manufacturers, it’s the goal, the dream, and the bugbear.

Enabling better decisions – on the fly – day in, day out

Virtually every client we start with has more information than they can handle – a plethora of clipboards, independently-operating Excel spreadsheets, and reports. Yet the route to increased efficiency is still unclear.

We transform the data from your operations into accessible, actionable information. Your people on the plant floor will turn to your real-time dashboards all day long to make better decisions. Your C-suite executives will have actionable data, from high-level KPI views all the way down to specific details of individual losses. And everything in between.  Your MES will get key information, when it is needed, to the people that can make a difference.

Responsibility is liberating

Just as critical, we get the people part. How to earn buy-in. How to sustain improvement over time. We’ll win your shop supervisors over with early successes, then give them the tools to make decisions that make a difference. It’s liberating. It’s a whole new conversation on your plant floor.

Whether your issues center on availability/downtime, quality/waste, or performance/production rates, you’ll get the actionable information and tools you need to make significant, ongoing improvements in plant efficiency.

Where will you save money?

You’ll be able to:

  • Do more with less.
  • Increase quality and performance; decrease downtime.
  • Achieve faster resolution of issues when they do occur, through better information and higher shop floor engagement.
  • Liberate your shop supervisors by giving them the tools they need to continually improve.