Which scenario sounds like your shop?

Most manufacturers who seek us out fall into one of the scenarios below.
Which one sounds like your operation?

Insufficient control

You’re having trouble keeping things in control. You know variation is too high. So is waste. But you can’t pinpoint exactly why, or how to fix it. It’s not a new problem, it’s costing you, and you’re looking for ways to solve it.

New demands

You need to provide something new or different. The cause for the demand could be a new operational requirement, new management, a new client, or a new strategic directive. Whatever the reason, you need more detailed information, and as it stands you can’t get it.

Disconnected data

You have a lot of clipboards on the plant floor, a considerable number of Excel spreadsheets analyzing processes, and a number of senior employees holding unshared knowledge. You cannot get a cohesive, consistent, connected picture of the whole facility – for one thing, every spreadsheet uses different formulas. With five unsynchronized watches, how do you know what time it is?

Out-of-date norms, too much deviation

Yes, you’re meeting your goals. But with the never-abating pressure on margins, is it time to tighten those norms? Do you really know where and when money is going out the window?

Second try

You’ve tried another provider and it hasn’t worked out. Now you’re looking for a provider who can come into the resultant complex situation and bring your project to a successful resolution. That would be us.