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Focus on World Class Manufacturing: Volume 6

This 6th edition of our magazine is packed with ideas and advice from a range of experts on how to plan and execute projects that succeed. Not only meeting the deadline, staying within budget, and running more smoothly, but achieving the objectives identified at the outset. It can be done – take a look for ideas on how.  Read more

How do you get to Industry 4.0?

Factora has helped some of world’s largest organizations succeed with Industry 4.0, as well as a range of mid-size manufacturers. We’re leaders in making 4.0 deliver results, selected as one of the 7 global systems integrators in Gartner’s Guide for MES/MOM Implementation. Read more

Focus on World Class Manufacturing: Volume 5

Lean back for just a minute or two – give yourself a break – and take a spin through Focus on World Class Manufacturing Volume 5, our bi-annual summer edition. In this articles selected from a range of thought leaders, you’ll find ideas on how to take a shortcut to Smart Manufacturing (underinvested in automation, anyone?); how the process, timing, and participants in shop floor decision-making are continuing to morph; whether Read More

Thinking of working with Factora?

Download our new, four-page colour brochure! You’ll find out what we do, who we work with, and how we operate. Plus, the edge we offer in improving performance and harnessing technology. It may not be what you think! Read more

Focus on World Class Manufacturing: Volume 3

How to beat the robots – how the Cloud is transforming supply chain – update on Industry 4.0 – it’s all here, in Focus on World Class Manufacturing: Volume 3. Plus opinion pieces, pictures, and quotes and excerpts from thought leaders around the world. Read more

Smart is NOT a buzzword!

You’re not clear on what Smart manufacturing really means? Try contrasting it with DUMB! This image-rich ezine delivers a clear contrast between dumb and smart manufacturing. Read more

Focus on World Class Manufacturing: Volume 2

You’ll find opinion pieces from our leadership, stories about transforming manufacturing, and a culled collection of articles from around the world. Enjoy 12 colorful pages of the latest manufacturing news, ideas and imagery. Read more