Barry Lynch shares insights on the latest IIoT trends in Supply & Demand Chain Executive

December 10, 2018– Factora’s CEO, Barry Lynch, sat down with John Yuva, editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine to discuss the latest IIoT trends and how they relate to customer engagement and operations. Published both online and in the December issue of the magazine, this article explores how companies, like Factora, are finding IIoT solutions for legacy assets, as well as building connections to the cloud for greater data sharing and analysis. When discussing customer engagement, Lynch says, “Companies need to think of IIoT as an integration platform not as a product. A platform that brings together your S&OP, your ERP and your warehouse management system. With those systems stitched together, companies can better address such things as quality issues and customer feedback rather than waiting for a recall. It enables more proactive operations and supply chain model.” To immerse yourself in the ways Factora and other companies are utilizing the power of IIoT, visit Supply & Demand Chain Executive.