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Factora article posted in Smart Industry

June 22, 2018 – Factora consultant Liam Sohi sheds light on extracting meaning from your data in this most recent piece published in Smart Industry. Successful stories contain the three elements of introduction, conflict and resolution. Learn why the same principle holds true in the area of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Read more here

Factora article published in Industry Today

May 29, 2018– Marco Jimenez’s blog “You are RoboCop – It’s Gonna Be Great”, was recently republished in Industry Today. The article takes a look at today’s big fear that robots are going to replace people. The piece concludes with this powerful and insightful line: “The most successful manufacturers will be those who can figure out how to augment the capabilities of their people with the best choices in tools, devices, processes and systems.” Read more

Factora article posted in Smart Industry

May 29, 2018–  A blog by Factora’s Barry Lynch, “UX is the new UI”, was recently published in Smart Industry. You can have every bit of manufacturing information on a screen, but if the users can’t work out how to use the display, it’s useless. Likewise, you can have the most intuitive display, but unless it shows the manufacturing metrics that matter to that user, it’s useless.  Who will help Read More

Factora article published in Smart Industry

November 15, 2017 – Marc Charest’s blog, “The Dr. Doolittle of Machines” was recently published in Smart Industry, an online information resource created to accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing. In it, the author provides five simple tips on how to move to smart manufacturing. We can all become Dr. Dolittles, with a little help! Read full blog here . See the piece on the Smart Industry website.

Why manufacturers should welcome the age of augmented reality

Article published on Internet of Business, Oct. 9, 2017 In a contributed article for the Internet of Business, co-authors JP Provencher of PTC and Michael Chang of Factora dig down into how augmented reality could make vital factory work faster, safer and more accurate. Seven short years ago, the process of setting centerlines for manufacturing plant operators – defining a series of checks to verify whether equipment was running on Read More