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After-hours support: long nights and a home-made amplifier

The best customer support listens to customers, works to understand root causes, prevents reoccurrence, and operates as a team to continuously improve.
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You are Robo Cop – it’s gonna be great

The concept of industry 4.0 has been out there for many years. Right along with it has been the pervasive fear, for so many in our industry, that robots are going to replace people. Let’s backtrack Why 4.0? Versus, say 3.0 or 5.0? The first revolution in the industry was steam. Steam locomotives to change transportation. Steam-driven motors to transform manufacturing. Next was 2.0. Electricity … mass production … Henry Read More

Fake news isn’t always political! How real are your numbers?

All over the media, we regularly hear the word fake applied to news and information. Particularly in the political sphere. Today, I want to talk about how fake news creeps into the world of manufacturing. And the rabbit-holes it can lead us down. What is measurement, really? What do those terms mean (pun!)? Even a calculation as simple as an average can be misinterpreted. There’s the mean: sum of values Read More

How to implement a successful MES, #3 of 4

Below, here they are again – the 9 building blocks to implementing a successful MES. The first post focused on defining business scope; the second covered steps 2 and 3:  assessing MES readiness and documenting as-is operations. Today we’ll be talking about steps 4, 5, and 6: identifying pain points, assessing fitment and … past the tipping point here … creating a to-be vision and roadmap. Define and agree to Read More

Keys to a successful go-live: watch out for Murphy!

Even the best planned go-live is fraught with tension and uncertainty. The more ambitious the change, the greater the possibility of unexpected events. My message today, formed over many go-lives, almost contradicts itself, but here it is: do everything you can to prepare properly. But on the day, keep an eye out for Murphy! Edward Murphy was an engineer on the U.S. Air Force rocket-sled experiments done in 1949. One Read More

Rise of the Living Data

  Yes, it sounds like a fiction novel. But it’s an accurate description of the way our new customers often feel about waking the data monster. They fear it, yet want it to rise from the depths and rescue them. Lack of data is never the problem. Well before we appear on the scene, our client is already wrestling with too much. The real issue is the lack of correlations, Read More