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Get back to the future as you design your new MES!

Increasingly, manufacturers know they need to be on the road to smart manufacturing to stay ahead of their competition. And that the first step on this process improvement journey is to put in a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Yet implementing an MES may not do what it could, if you hold onto your old work processes and procedures. While it may seem counterintuitive, continuous improvement must be part of your Read More

The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard about Manufacturing Execution Systems

This blog has been written by a Factora Senior MES Consultant. I’ve been in the Systems Integration field for a couple of decades now and I’ve had the pleasure of running across some really bad advice. Sometimes even career-stunting bad advice! Following, the worst of the worst. Don’t let the shining star of your career be tarnished by following these ideas! Creating documentation is a waste of time. Sounds like Read More