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Old Stubborn versus Inexperienced Youth

At Factora, we hire on potential. Typically, right out of university. Why? Because we’ve found that it’s virtually the only way to develop the senior employees we need. This means that Factora team leaders regularly come into work on a Monday morning to find a fresh-faced, experience-free, keen-as-mustard new member on their team. How does it work out? Does it work out? Why or why not? Get out of the Read More

Developers, follow these 10 steps to test your manufacturing code

Testing is an under-rated step on the journey to manufacturing excellence. It often lacks formal procedures. It can be rushed through when things get behind. Testing needs to be an integral component of your project plan, executed with respect. Thorough, disciplined testing delivers: Fewer go-live issues and corrections, not to mention issues in later use Greater operator uptake/use → higher ROI for the project Systems that best carry out the Read More

Prepare for the unthinkable – two steps to stop knowledge loss

Everyone has subject matter experts Every business has their subject matter experts (SME). These experts gain their knowledge through years of projects and assignments, through the succession of successes and failures we call experience. We lean on these experts to help us through tricky problems. And that leaning is a source of pride for the experts and a source of inspiration for their junior employees. But! It is an ancient, Read More

2016 Results: Two new partnerships. Two prizes. Twenty percent growth

Another excellent year for Factora! 2016 delivered strong revenue growth, industry recognition, and two powerful partnerships with industry innovators. “We’re a unique package,” says Factora CEO Charles Horth. “An integrated group of manufacturing specialists – engineering, IT, and business professionals. We’re not there to implement software, we’re there to deliver a project with a tangible ROI.” Partnerships  As we wrote in our results post for 2015: In the near future, Read More

How Small Manufacturers Can Leverage Smart Manufacturing

This article was originally published on IndustryWeek’s IdeaXchange blog, May 26th 2016. I see three ways in which smaller manufacturers can leverage Smart Manufacturing. The first is the way applicable to all manufacturers – using today’s affordable sensors to get better data, then using that data to fine-tune the process, decrease variability, and remove bottlenecks. All of these bring costs down and drive quality up. Now let’s talk about the other Read More

Announcing our strategic partnership with Savigent Software

We’re proud to announce that Savigent Software has confirmed our official technology partnership. Factora is now an Authorized Partner, supporting Savigent technology through solutions consulting, architecture and design, and professional services. Savigent is a leading provider of event-driven operations management software. The Savigent platform gives manufacturers the opportunity to unify systems while easily adding and adapting functionality. Savigent Software developed its software suite to address the challenges of workflow automation, Read More

Keys to a successful global MES roll-out

A global MES roll-out is a complex beast, involving a polyglot of players, systems, facilities, languages, consultancies and countries. Planning and process are critical. Team integration – global team integration – equally so. But before we discuss the challenges and the process, let me bring up the why. If you already have an MES in each one of your plants around the planet … why do you need a global Read More

Factora wins 2015 Premier Foods Supplier Excellence Award

I’m tremendously proud to announce that Factora has been awarded with the 2015 Premier Foods Supplier Excellence Award for Decreased Costs. Journey to world class manufacturing: Premier Foods We won out over 1,200 other suppliers to win this award. Today I’d like to share with you not only my thoughts on this achievement, but those of the leaders on the Factora and Premier teams… Looking back, the tipping point came Read More

How do you implement an MES with old machinery?

As consultants, we frequently need to implement a Manufacturing Execution System in a plant with a mix of old and new machinery. The older the equipment is, the less likely it is to offer automation, including sensors/switches/data feeds. You need your machines to talk An MES can only be built from the real-time information we get from the machinery on your shop floor. You need your machines to talk, providing Read More