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The big divide – with solutions for bridging it

The big divide – with solutions for bridging it Today I’m writing about the big divide in our society – the polarization that everyone’s talking about. The one that makes it tough for all of us to see eye to eye. You know the one I mean! The divide between manufacturing and IT people, on every shop floor. Joking aside … to have success in any manufacturing project, one of Read More

For better IT project results, link every requirement to a business goal

A common criticism of IT people is their over-focus on technology. Typically, this is coupled with an under-focus on user needs and long-term business goals. This can mean that the IT team is focusing on solving problems that are not a priority for the user and or C-suite. How do we effectively translate or quantify the handful of business goals of the user into the hundreds of requirements given to Read More

Successful projects with remote teams – is it possible?

You’ve probably had the experience of working on a project with teams in different offices, or countries, or even from different companies. And while there are many horror stories, some of these projects do achieve success. How do they? Is there a magic recipe? Am I going to provide it, today? No, there’s no one-size-fits-all. But there are a few key ingredients that must be part of the recipe. If Read More

Prepare for the unthinkable – two steps to stop knowledge loss

Everyone has subject matter experts Every business has their subject matter experts (SME). These experts gain their knowledge through years of projects and assignments, through the succession of successes and failures we call experience. We lean on these experts to help us through tricky problems. And that leaning is a source of pride for the experts and a source of inspiration for their junior employees. But! It is an ancient, Read More