Topic: Process Improvement

Developers, follow these 10 steps to test your manufacturing code

Testing is an under-rated step on the journey to manufacturing excellence. It often lacks formal procedures. It can be rushed through when things get behind. Testing needs to be an integral component of your project plan, executed with respect. Thorough, disciplined testing delivers: Fewer go-live issues and corrections, not to mention issues in later use Greater operator uptake/use → higher ROI for the project Systems that best carry out the Read More

Prepare for the unthinkable – two steps to stop knowledge loss

Everyone has subject matter experts Every business has their subject matter experts (SME). These experts gain their knowledge through years of projects and assignments, through the succession of successes and failures we call experience. We lean on these experts to help us through tricky problems. And that leaning is a source of pride for the experts and a source of inspiration for their junior employees. But! It is an ancient, Read More

Start with OEE. Then dig deeper.

Here’s the power of OEE – it’s your best overall measure of manufacturing performance. Hands-down. Of all the MES evaluating solutions, none will give you more bang for your buck. But OEE is not just a powerful, informative, starting point. You can always go further, dig deeper, find out more about the best way to improve your manufacturing performance. A quick review Overall Equipment Effectiveness is determined by comparing what Read More

Is an OEE system the rapid route to a better OEE?

I have two questions for you. The first question is, will you be generating savings? Not all OEE improvements are created equal. As an example, you could almost certainly improve your OEE by buying a more expensive, higher-quality raw material. Doing so would likely increase all 3 factors that make up the OEE measurement: availability, performance, and quality. But will you have created savings? At Factora, we always go for Read More

Yes we need process change – but where do we start?

Every new client we start with knows they need process changes in their operations. It’s not the whether, it’s the where that has held them back. At Factora, the first step is our Opportunity Assessment, a process that combines real-time observation and desktop analysis. It’s a blend of art and science. Opportunity assessment – where’s the opportunity? First, you give us a plant tour. We talk to your operators, shift Read More

Process improvement – how to build a better sandcastle

What does process improvement mean at Factora? I’ll begin with averages. Say you’re setting out for your next meeting, 20 miles away. The speed limit is 60 mph but you’re a bit of a heavy-footer and you don’t always stick to it. When you arrive and zealously calculate your average speed, you’re a bit surprised to realize that it was only 48 mph. Here’s the thing. You spent almost no Read More

Brand Value: Improve customer satisfaction with your MES initiative

When people talk about MES solutions, the discussion tends to focus on ROI. Just take a two-minute tour around our website; on every page you’ll find references to increased profits, increased margin, and reduced costs. But what about the less tangible benefits? A powerful brand is money in the bank In many industries, brand is the primary driver of profitability and margin. Companies like Starbucks and Coca-Cola and Nike can Read More