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Lean started before Big Data – but it needs it now

Lean – as a structured methodology for continuous improvement – gained traction in the mid 20th century. The world liked it. Countless variations rose over the years, as manufacturers worked to stay competitive in an increasingly global marketplace. But Lean focused on using manual techniques to improve quality, reduce waste, and decrease production time. And over time, the popularity of Lean resulted in the siloing and distancing of Operations and Read More

What does Lean mean today? How do we get there?

One way to see the goal of Lean manufacturing is driving profitability out of your high-volume assets. Stretching out every last cent. Powerful, respected tools to reach that goal abound – many originally developed in the 50s and 60s by then-smallish manufacturer Toyota. Total Productivity Management (TPM) increases the productivity of plant and equipment. Total quality management (TQM) uses sophisticated organizational procedures to drive down waste. Do a search and you’ll quickly Read More