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You are ready for Smart Manufacturing – you just don’t know it!

Almost anywhere on the planet, you can buy electronics or cars from China or Taiwan or Korea or Japan, fruits and vegetables from Latin America, or furniture from Italy. And if you work for a major manufacturer? Your products too may well be consumed around the globe. Container ships before computers Only a few decades ago, this globalization was surreal. The vast majority of goods had to be produced near Read More

You are Robo Cop – it’s gonna be great

The concept of industry 4.0 has been out there for many years. Right along with it has been the pervasive fear, for so many in our industry, that robots are going to replace people. Let’s backtrack Why 4.0? Versus, say 3.0 or 5.0? The first revolution in the industry was steam. Steam locomotives to change transportation. Steam-driven motors to transform manufacturing. Next was 2.0. Electricity … mass production … Henry Read More

IIoT Implementation: Benefits, challenges and practical considerations

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, has rocketed in just a few short years from being a novel idea to its current role as a major driver in manufacturing and automation. Today, most manufacturers either have an established strategy for IIoT, are pursuing Proof of Concepts, or at a minimum are investigating the business case and applicability. In this blog, I’ll be talking about the critical benefits, challenges and Read More

What does the Internet of things have to do with World Class Manufacturing (WCM)?

Here’s an easy way to envisage the Internet of Things – everything has an IP address. Everything, somehow, is connected to the Internet. You’ve probably familiar with the classic kitchen example – where your fridge knows what’s in it and what you’re out of, and advises you on same via your phone when you’re at the grocery store. Today I’ll be focusing on the Industrial Internet of Things. But I’ll Read More

Does the Industrial Internet apply to me?

More and more, when you see an article or blog post that refers to the future of manufacturing, you’ll see a reference to the Industrial Internet. What is it, really? And what does it have to do with your plant? Are you wondering if you should care, when you sometimes feel your whole plant runs on equipment less sophisticated than your kid’s cellphone? The answer is yes. What do these Read More