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Keys to a successful global MES roll-out

A global MES roll-out is a complex beast, involving a polyglot of players, systems, facilities, languages, consultancies and countries. Planning and process are critical. Team integration – global team integration – equally so. But before we discuss the challenges and the process, let me bring up the why. If you already have an MES in each one of your plants around the planet … why do you need a global Read More

MES & ERP integration: steer your ship; don’t row your boat

Decision makers with real-time critical data can make informed decisions faster and better, and expedite issue resolution. In other words, MES & ERP integration ups a manufacturer’s abilities to be lean, agile and safe.   Why integrate your ERP with your MES? The real question is, why not? The old paradigm – the plant floor being a black box to the C-suite – increasingly does not serve today’s impatient, demanding, ever-changing Read More

Why Do I Need an MES If I Already Have an ERP?

As the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space becomes saturated, ERP vendors look more and more to expand onto the factory floor. They now tout their wares as able to seamlessly connect from top to bottom of any manufacturing organization. Is this true? Can an expanded ERP footprint reduce your investment in multiple platforms? Is an Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) redundant, as you can now interface your ERP directly to the controls layer? Read More