Quality management system phase 1 go-live


A large pulp and paper manufacturer needed to implement a comprehensive quality management system across multiple sites. For the first phase of this ambitious initiative, Factora’s role was to serve as a central nervous system for all quality data, simplifying results used for reports and the lab floor.


This complex, multi-site initiative, taking in data from 4 different sources, demanded a robust solution. User-focused design was a critical factor: the system needed to be sophisticated enough to trace data from test equipment straight through to COA, yet simple enough to be customer-sustained.

Additional challenges included the requirement to:

  • Choose the correct data source when tests were performed on multiple machines
  • Make ongoing updates to other platforms, sending data to and from the MES.


  • Proactively tested and adjusted throughout, always reflecting on how these changes would affect other facets of the MES.
  • Worked closely with the customer on training – on-site and remotely – to ensure all were able to recognize and resolve challenges before they snowballed.
  • Working with the customer, managed to reduce the load placed on existing data collection systems as well as on workers on the lab floor.
  • Throughout, considered how the solution would work in later sites. Created standardized yet flexible logic to prevent hiccups when adding future functionality, and/or moving between sites with different resources.


At go-live, the Factora solution successfully integrated data collection from all sources.

Just one issue arose; Factora worked diligently to resolve it, adapting the resource allocation so that as much expertise as possible was placed on quick resolution.

A second phase of work is currently underway to add further analytical and predictive functionality, making jobs easier from management through to lab floor.