Customer Stories

Beverage company with a bottling problem

A beverage company, a global leader, was hungry for performance improvement. They could not keep up with demand; the machinery in their bottling plant ranged from state-of-the-art to nearly-ancient. They’d already tried an MES solution with a competitor, but it had failed. What to do? Problem Digital data was conspicuous by its absence: all collected info took the clipboard-to-greaseboard route. Production was managed through a conglomeration of hard-copy schedules (stuffed Read More

5% savings in raw material costs – ongoing

ABC Foods is a leading European branded-goods company. Each high-speed production line produces in excess of 5000 tons of food produce per year. Set-up and running parameters have a huge effect on processing efficiency – resulting in cost sways of thousands per day in raw material yield and energy costs. Yet the traditional nature of the food industry means that much of the knowledge of how to run the lines Read More