Recruiting at Factora: Live AR demo and sharing the pride

Factora is growing; we’re looking for curious, passionate software engineers and developers.

Last month Factora attended Vitrine TI for the second time, an annual recruiting event for graduating technical students from nearby universities and colleges. This event gives graduating students a chance to meet our team and experience the sort of technology we implement.

At Vitrine, every attending employer is given 120 seconds to present. 120 seconds is not a long time. What story would we tell? How would we differentiate ourselves?

A committee was created and the decision was made to demonstrate two particular strengths:

  • Factora’s increasing involvement in leading-edge technology, such as Augmented Reality (AR) as a result of the global excitement for IIoT platforms
  • Our unique culture. Culture is a major focus at Factora; we have a VP of culture, a culture committee, and a deep belief that building a positive, supportive, open culture is one of the best benefits you can offer your clients (and yourselves)!

Decision? To do an AR [augmented reality] demo – with real people, in real time.

Many of the graduates attending would have little understanding of where manufacturing is now, how quickly it’s changing, and how exciting the leading edge has become. We wanted them to see the type of ground-breaking technology the Factora team members are working on, with a flavor of how it feels to be part of Factora.

Props were taken seriously. We designed and ordered shirts in Factora orange, as well as a few orange hard hats. We sourced items such as 3D glasses and coveralls, and had cards made to show the title/specialty of each attending team member.

Our demonstration began with an operator working on a PTC robot. Next, a loud bang (and of course, a team member holding up a large sign with the word BANG on it). In comes yours truly, dressed as a maintenance worker, with coveralls and a hard hat, using smart AR glasses to find the root cause of the problem. Root cause is a term we use constantly at Factora. Finding the root cause of a problem, rather than just patching, is critical to continuously expanding our knowledge base and improving performance over time.

On the screen above, the students could see what the maintenance person was ‘seeing’ through the AR glasses – how he found the source of the problem, and got the machine up and running.

True to Factora’s engaged culture, we had ten people participating, the most of any of the employers. The team included a range of specialists: IT experts, developers and engineers.

After the presentations, the goal was to get in the crowd and bond with the students, to ask questions and build interest (“Close the gap – get out of your comfort zone!”). It was a tall order for some of the more introverted developers. But the shirts helped, and there’s a lot of pride at Factora about our place as one of the world’s most respected partners in guiding manufacturers to adopt this leading-edge technology.

The students had some excellent questions, particularly about the type of software platforms we use and the skills they need to develop. And they turned out in force, with almost twice as many showing up as the event organizers had forecast. Definitely a recruiting success story; Factora will certainly attend again next year.

If by any chance you are a student or young professional, looking for a limitless-potential career in a company with a great culture, a leading edge in technology, and a clientele that includes several of the Fortune 500s? Please, visit our career page.