2017: Growth on all fronts, with strategic initiatives in play for IIoT

2017 was a year of growth on many fronts for Factora. We built up senior management, particularly in the overburdened area of sales/business development. We spent a great deal of time in the sky, mainly visiting current and prospective clients around the globe, but also travelling to industry trade shows. And we significantly increased our investment and commitment to ThingWorx, the world’s most widely adopted Internet of Things platform.

Complementing senior management team with industry leaders

Barry Lynch, Vice-President Sales and Marketing

Previously with GE Digital, Barry brings Factora more than 25-plus years of experience in implementing process improvement strategies for both food & beverage and consumer product manufacturers. At GE, Barry was known for his work in the MES-MOM space, where he developed a deep understanding of the challenges of successfully implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems, and enabling companies to deliver sustainable results. He was also asked to help establish and validate a new Customer Success Program – designed to drive the attainment of outcomes for strategic customers – for GE Digital’s Predix platform.

Barry now leads all Sales & Marketing for Factora globally.

Raj Jakhete, Senior Director, Business Development

Further expanding our over-stretched business development team, Raj Jakhete, an accomplished IT executive with global experience and a strong manufacturing track record, joined us in November. Raj brings to Factora a wealth of experience in diverse industries, including consumer packaged goods, oil and gas, chemicals, polymer, industrial products, aerospace, electronics and metals and mining.

Raj is a recognized leader whose arrival was timed to support our plans for growth as we help our customers realize savings and efficiencies at the intersection of technology and manufacturing.

Extending our market presence

Factora executives attended three top trade shows in May this year. The first was MESA International’s North American Conference on “The Real Value of Smart Manufacturing” in Cleveland, Ohio. With more than 50 expert speakers from the industry’s key business leaders, the focus was on continuously improving smart manufacturing best practices.

Next was the dataPARC User Conference, May 16-18 in Portland, Oregon. This conference provided a platform for collaboration between customers and dataPARC’s leaders and innovators, as well as sessions from dataPARC’s experts, customers and hands-on training workshops.

Capping off Factora’s trade show tour was the LiveWorx Technology Conference and Marketplace in Boston, Massachusetts, May 22-25. The focus was on rapidly and continuously improving operational performance and flexibility through digital manufacturing, real-time intelligence and predictive analytics.

Factora also joined the GE Digital Alliance Program in May and attended the GE Minds & Machines In San Francisco in November, both as part of our strategic focus on bringing the next generation of IIoT solutions to bring improved efficiency to the plant floor.

One last May item! Factora received an award from the Canadian military for our support in helping Factora consultants who serve as reserve members to fulfil their military duties.

Leadership in ThingWorx

Ten Factora team members earned the designation of Certified ThingWorx Associate Developer in 2017. Outside of the Big Four firms, this makes us a ThingWorx leader in North America – all part of our strategic focus on IIoT for 2018.

What next for 2018?

With an extremely strong sales pipeline, the best team of Smart Manufacturing specialists on the planet, and investment in leading IIoT technologies, Factora is prepared for an exceptional year.  All the best for 2018!