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Factora boot camp: hitting the ground running

Traditionally at Factora, we’ve grown our own people. It’s almost impossible to hire the array of skills we need, or the depth, so we tend to hire straight out of university and train. Training has been through mentoring; each new hire would be assigned to a mentor. Besides the value of the training itself, there were many benefits, among them the bonds it built between newer and older staff, and Read More

You too can stop scope creep – if you take these 5 steps

Scope creep is a force as relentless as ocean tides – it’s a given factor on every project you undertake. The solution is therefore to expect, and mitigate. Following, five methods to battle scope creep. We’ve found at Factora that, taken together, these five steps are powerful in keeping projects in scope, on-track and on-budget. Stop-scope-creep #1:  Define! Define project deliverables at the outset of the project. And make them measurable. Read More