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Old Stubborn versus Inexperienced Youth

At Factora, we hire on potential. Typically, right out of university. Why? Because we’ve found that it’s virtually the only way to develop the senior employees we need. This means that Factora team leaders regularly come into work on a Monday morning to find a fresh-faced, experience-free, keen-as-mustard new member on their team. How does it work out? Does it work out? Why or why not? Get out of the Read More

Successful projects with remote teams – is it possible?

You’ve probably had the experience of working on a project with teams in different offices, or countries, or even from different companies. And while there are many horror stories, some of these projects do achieve success. How do they? Is there a magic recipe? Am I going to provide it, today? No, there’s no one-size-fits-all. But there are a few key ingredients that must be part of the recipe. If Read More

Customer support needs to be customer-centric! Five rules for customer support

You’ve had this experience… You buy a product from a local store. A few weeks later, it stops working. So you take it back to Jerome, the guy who sold it to you. Jerome was so attentive the day you bought it! He will certainly help you… But Jerome explains to you that he cannot do anything for you. In fact, you need to send your product to head office. Read More