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Smart manufacturing tools are evolving quickly – a client story

Just a few years ago I was working with a customer who makes baked snacks – one-serving apple pies, cakes, chocolate swirls, you get the idea. Factora had been called in because of a waste issue. To give you an opportunity to see how tools have evolved, I’m going to tell you how we solved it then, and how we might solve it today. Too tall is wasted The problem Read More

Augmented reality and manufacturing?? Say what?

Typically, your first encounter with virtual or augmented reality is through video games or movies. That means we tend to see them as tools for toys or entertainment. Not the Next Big Thing, and certainly not the next big thing in manufacturing. But these new tools are already making their mark in our industry. Today I’ll offer a few examples, as well as a look at what the future might Read More