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Partnering with Automatech for a major customer success

As the world becomes more specialized, manufacturing consultants need to partner seamlessly to deliver new levels of integrated services. In this video, you’ll learn how Automatech (an industrial automation specialist) and Factora (systems integrator) joined forces to deliver a major customer success. This video was first presented at the LiveWorx conference in Boston, June of 2018.  

Internet of Business (online) publishes piece on AR and manufacturing, co-written by Factora’s Michael Chang

Factora’s expertise shines through in this piece published recently on the Internet of Business (online). Entitled “Why manufacturers should welcome the age of augmented reality”, the article digs down into how AR makes factory work faster, safer and more accurate, and ends with the compelling question: How are you going to bring AR to your factory and take your own company’s operational efficiencies several big steps beyond where they stand Read More

How Small Manufacturers Can Leverage Smart Manufacturing

This article was originally published on IndustryWeek’s IdeaXchange blog, May 26th 2016. I see three ways in which smaller manufacturers can leverage Smart Manufacturing. The first is the way applicable to all manufacturers – using today’s affordable sensors to get better data, then using that data to fine-tune the process, decrease variability, and remove bottlenecks. All of these bring costs down and drive quality up. Now let’s talk about the other Read More

Smart Manufacturing Improves Sustainability Efforts

This article was originally published on IndustryWeek’s IdeaXchange blog, April 27th 2016.   How does smart manufacturing help you to operate sustainably? Where do I start? Here are three key reasons it helps: • Cheaper meters/sensors: Ten years ago, you probably had at most one meter monitoring each of electricity, gas, water, or waste. Now, partly due to the plunging costs of sensors, you can have many. Your information becomes granular. Read More

How Manufacturers Benefit from the Digital Thread

This article was originally published on IndustryWeek’s IdeaXchange blog, March 25th 2016.   Let’s say you’re about to design a brand new product. You have a lot of work ahead of you. You need to define the specs, create the design, source suppliers, check in with experts in legal and in safety, set up a testing procedure, do trial runs. Then the product will go into mass production, require a warranty, Read More

Control your customizers: get the right data in the right place

It didn’t used to matter so much Ten or twenty years ago, when someone decided to customize a function within your new MES software, the ramifications weren’t huge. The software wasn’t as powerful; it didn’t have as many options; you didn’t have as much data. Customizing was less likely to put a spanner in the works. True, the inevitable happened often – the customizer went on to another job in Read More

Announcing our strategic partnership with Savigent Software

We’re proud to announce that Savigent Software has confirmed our official technology partnership. Factora is now an Authorized Partner, supporting Savigent technology through solutions consulting, architecture and design, and professional services. Savigent is a leading provider of event-driven operations management software. The Savigent platform gives manufacturers the opportunity to unify systems while easily adding and adapting functionality. Savigent Software developed its software suite to address the challenges of workflow automation, Read More

Where does smart manufacturing fit on the road to world-class manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing is new to us. But World Class Manufacturing has been with us, at least in concept, since manufacturing began. It’s only the definition that keeps changing. In the late 1700s, General Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval suggested that musket manufacturing might be faster and cheaper if muskets were made from … wait for it … interchangeable identical parts. What a concept! Until then, each musket was made in Read More

What is Smart Manufacturing?

This post is the first of a series of related posts on Smart Manufacturing. We will discuss the emergence of the term, what it means to manufacturers, and why it’s more than just the latest catch phase! There’s a rumor going ’round, centered in Germany, that we’re now in our fourth Industrial Revolution. According to this rumor (in which I believe): The first Industrial Revolution started in England in the Read More

Factora wins 2015 Premier Foods Supplier Excellence Award

I’m tremendously proud to announce that Factora has been awarded with the 2015 Premier Foods Supplier Excellence Award for Decreased Costs. Journey to world class manufacturing: Premier Foods We won out over 1,200 other suppliers to win this award. Today I’d like to share with you not only my thoughts on this achievement, but those of the leaders on the Factora and Premier teams… Looking back, the tipping point came Read More