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Secrets to a fruitful partnership

“Double our size.” That was the mission I was given when I joined Factora last year. I’m a big believer in a clear mandate, a great candidate, and a smart strategy. Lucky me, I had two out of three before I even started. The foundation of my smart strategy is partnerships. To be successful in growing through partners, you need to focus on just a few, and be all in: Read More

A Look at GE’s Minds and Machines 2017: Predix isn’t a painkiller

As I write, GE is days away from its November 13th announcement re the divestiture of approximately $20 billion of business. This news item cast an interesting shadow over this year’s Minds and Machines conference. Still, Minds + Machines had its best turnout ever, with 3,500+ attendees coming in from nearly 60 countries. As you can see in the pic, GE went all out to glitz it up, with millions Read More

UX is the new UI: The user is king in great IIOT design

IIOT technology has evolved to the point that self-serve solutions are easier to configure, with your own display mash-ups and data analytics. Who needs that data scientist? Or system designer? No one! Uh oh, not so fast. There’s a flipside to this build-your-own-world. You still need good design and data management to make the content meaningful. But now, that role has been pushed out to the end user. The flexibility Read More

IoT kills SCADA. Live, at PTC Liveworx in Boston

The 2017 PTC LiveWorx event in Boston, from which I’ve just returned, was something to see. If you’re a current SCADA developer – say Siemens, GE or Schneider – you should be watching. And worried. LiveWorx has been building out a technology stack that allows seamless usage of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) content across all elements of manufacturing. They’re now launching their next-gen IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) PLM platform Read More

The Power of One: IoT Smart Manufacturing enables mass customization

Last Sunday was a very Barry day, wanting things my way! I dropped in at Starbucks to pick up my coffee, barista-ed to my tastes. Then I went home and watched YouTube from my subscription list of content that matches my interests. Finally, I ordered a pizza online, choosing custom toppings and tracking it dynamically as “Susan” prepared my meal. The race to customization Today the trend for personal customization Read More