Factora’s unique Business, Manufacturing, and Technology process focuses on the business goal (not technology) to deliver measurable results that align with your strategic goals. From mid-size manufacturers to Fortune 500s, we make Industry 4.0 real.

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Leap to Industry 4.0

The Future of Industry 4.0

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Seamless integration

Seamless integration with partners and
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Coffee gets complex, Factora solves the problem

A 100-year-old coffee producer needed to ramp up performance and upgrade systems capabilities to...

Predicting parts wear to reduce waste and downtime

Parts wear at different rates on production lines. As an additional complication, the measurements...

Changeover during runout

Consumer goods manufacturer wanted to start new work orders as soon as the first...

CES 2019 in Las Vegas: A conversation with our CiNO Brent Seely

Enjoy a post-CES 2019 dialogue, discussing show highlights through a manufacturing lens. If you...

2018 in review, with a look ahead to 2019

2018 was a year of growth, industry recognition, and a successful new employee bootcamp....

4 steps to building solutions that earn customer adoption

Too many software solutions stall midway or are shelved. Why? Find out how to...

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Gartner’s Guide for MES/MOM Implementation: 1 of 7 global systems integrators named
Global reach with over 500 implementations in 30 countries
We fix failures – 50% of new clients come to Factora after failing on the first try

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In our new eBook, Factora’s
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  • Introduces 9 ways Industry 4.0 changes the shop floor
  • Illustrates how these ways interact, with stories and examples
  • Helps your firm to focus on which area to pursue today
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