Customer Stories

Case Printing

This CPG customer used a manual process to print critical information on cases before palletizing. How do you create a custom-printed label for each batch of a product, before palletizing? Turns out, in 4 different ways at 4 different sites. The goal was to automate, to reduce the number of misprints and expedite changeovers. Read more

Changeover during runout

Consumer goods manufacturer wanted to start new work orders as soon as the first zone of a line became available, rather than waiting until the product was completely run out. Read more

Coffee gets complex, Factora solves the problem

A 100-year-old coffee producer needed to ramp up performance and upgrade systems capabilities to meet aggressive growth plans. A brand-new building was erected to house a cutting-edge receiving, storage, and transport system for the green beans that mark the start of coffee manufacturing. Read more

Intuitive interface decreases errors, eases resource allocation

A world leader in materials science, our client manufactures a broad range of products across four continents. The plant in this case study, situated in the southern U.S., produces components for combustion engines. Our role was to replace their MES (based on legacy software, with sun-setted equipment and programs), start to finish, from receipt of raw materials to the finished product. This major four-phase two-year project included multiple work processes, Read More

Fiber-based fabric maker earns 100% R.O.I. in < 1 year

Leading global supplier of fiber-based non-woven fabrics, used in a range of personal care products. Advanced multi-bond air-laid fabrics were becoming the market standard, replacing older ones with higher pulp content. Problem The plant was not set up for optimum performance, agility, or growth: it was managed by a number of non-integrated custom applications and Microsoft Excel reports. Much of the production management was being handled manually. To add to Read More

Beverage company with a bottling problem

A beverage company, a global leader, was hungry for performance improvement. They could not keep up with demand; the machinery in their bottling plant ranged from state-of-the-art to nearly-ancient. They’d already tried an MES solution with a competitor, but it had failed. What to do? Problem Digital data was conspicuous by its absence: all collected info took the clipboard-to-greaseboard route. Production was managed through a conglomeration of hard-copy schedules (stuffed Read More

5% savings in raw material costs – ongoing

ABC Foods is a leading European branded-goods company. Each high-speed production line produces in excess of 5000 tons of food produce per year. Set-up and running parameters have a huge effect on processing efficiency – resulting in cost sways of thousands per day in raw material yield and energy costs. Yet the traditional nature of the food industry means that much of the knowledge of how to run the lines Read More